Lauriston Farm

Volunteering sessions & bird survey in March

March volunteering summary

Hi farm folks, we've rolled the volunteering opportunities for March into one sign up sheet, so you can take your pick from...

Wednesday 8th March 
1.30pm - 4pm
  • Fruit tree planting
(we have seen the weather forecast - we're hoping it misses us and just hits the hills but we'll cancel if it's too wild!)

Wednesday 15th March 
1.30pm - 4pm
  • Native tree planting

Saturday 25th March
10am - 12.30pm,
or 1.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Native tree planting
  • Market Garden volunteering

Saturday 25th March 
7am - 9am 
  • Bird Survey with John Frank 
(John will teach you to identify birds and birdsong. Please note the early start time - got to get up sharp with the birds. The numbers for this are very limited to avoid creating disturbance to the wildlife, but there will be more of these survey walks throughout April.)

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