Lauriston Farm


The City of Edinburgh Council has recently launched its first food growing strategy for the city – Growing Locally. This document recognises that food production and food consumption are key areas for action at a city level and in the wider regional context in order to facilitate access to affordable, healthy, fresh food and to address the impacts that the whole food system has on Carbon emissions and biodiversity. Growing Locally has 3 strategic aims 

  • Grow more food in Edinburgh 
  • Increase consumption of locally grown food
  • Improve awareness of and engagement in sustainable food across the city

Growing Locally brings together all the inspiring community-based action on food in the city and aims to develop a genuine partnership to deliver sustainable food production and consumption and support thriving local food communities. It is well worth reading and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. 

Lauriston Farm gets a specific mention as a large scale food production hub providing quality employment, training and volunteer opportunities with a strong focus on biodiversity enhancement and soil restoration and bringing the community together through hosting community activities and events.