Lauriston Farm

Grassland at Lauriston

I am sure you will have noticed that there has been no management within the fields at Lauriston. We have decided this is the best option until we actually start cropping and /or grazing. The tall grasses look really beautiful at the moment and this gives us the opportunity to check for any surprise plant species appearing after many years of pretty intensive sheep grazing and silage cropping. We have certainly seen cuckoo flower this year and there may be more to emerge. Tall grassland habitat is excellent for wildlife. Many caterpillars eat the leaves and roots of native grasses so it is hugely beneficial to have an extensive area like this left unmanaged – more insects… more birds… more bats. This approach is also beneficial as local residents and other walkers have created clear paths through the farm so we can see where the preferred routes are for planning the future layout of the farm.  It is also giving us the opportunity to survey some quadrats for flowering plants including grasses within the fields so that we can monitor change in future and in response to changing land management. 

If you spot anything interesting on the wildlife front please get in touch via the website or facebook page