Lauriston Farm

Opportunity for a Website Developer

Lauriston Farm needs a new website. This is an exciting opportunity for a website developer to showcase the unique opportunities that the farm offers. 

The Website

We need a website that reflects the social and environmental justice aims of the project, as well as the mosaic approach to land use that the project offers. 

We have been using this site:, which we set up mainly for the purpose of conducting a community consultation in November last year. We want a website that is simple, but reflects the multifunctional work of the farm and the beauty of the physical landscape, wildlife, food-growing etc. We need a tone that reflects how we want the project to be a welcoming space for all.

Can you help us?
As a new organisation, we have a very small budget for this. But we hope that developers can see this project as a good way to showcase a unique project which combines farming, food sales, food justice, community building and wildlife habitat enhancement.

If you are interested, email us: with a couple of samples of your work, and we can send you more details