Lauriston Farm

Communications Role (Voluntary) with EAC

EAC is looking for a Communications person to join our team. We expect the position to take up 4-8 hours per week.

The main purpose of the Communications role is to communicate information about the farm project in interesting and engaging ways. With the aim to engage with a variety of different audiences through a range of methods. The primary  modes of communication will be the new website, monthly newsletter, press releases, social media, signage and flyers. There will also be targeted comms with specific groups or particular pieces of written text or visual content for other relevant websites or associated organisations. This may include helping with audiovisual comms - such as filming, photography and podcast projects. As the Farm project progresses, there will be more targeted comms generated from activities such as veg box sales, workshops,events and plant/flower sales. 

The communications coordinator will be a part of the EAC team and have the opportunity to become a member of the Coop.They will work with the members of the EAC and the advisory group to support the growth of the Lauriston Farm objectives, with a particular focus on: 

Assisting with new website content, keeping website updated  and social media posting
  ● Writing monthly newsletter and press releases 
  ● Designing signage and promotional material

For more information please email: