Farm News  |   November 24, 2023

Accessibility survey – your help needed

Please tell us how accessible you (or friends or family members) find the farm at the moment – your responses will help us improve farm accessibility for all…

A landscape photo of the grassy fields of Lauriston Farm in winter light, with the Firth of Forth and Fife in the background. The text reads: Accessibility Survey

We are working on developing the accessibility of the farm for all. To do this, we need your feedback about your experiences so far. You can help us identify where we can make improvements to access, and remove barriers (barriers can be physical, communication, cultural…).

Please take a few moments to complete this survey:

Click here to fill in the Accessibility Survey

We will use your responses (anonymously) to develop plans for new and improved paths, signage and anything else that’s needed, and bid for funding to put these in place. Your honest feedback will help make our farm more inclusive and enjoyable for all.

Thank you!

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