Partnerships & Research

Scotland the Bread
Scotland the Bread
is working towards a sustainable, fair supply of flour that better nourishes people and the planet. Lauriston Farm is developing a partnership with their Flour to the People campaign to trial grain production as part of the agroforestry initiative at the farm – i.e. growing trees with grain production. This initiative encompasses grains adapted to the local environment, heritage varieties, sustainable ground preparation, cover crops, nutrient density of the grain and processing and production of sourdough bread and other culinary delights.

Gaia Foundation
Lauriston Farm is a founding member of the new Scottish Seed Hub, a cooperative of growers in Scotland supported by the Gaia Foundation’s Seed Sovereignty Programme. The aim of the Scottish Seed Hub is to grow and sell open-pollinated seed, especially forgotten  Scottish heritage varieties, that are best adapted to our climate.

CSA Network
The Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) Network UK is a multi-stakeholder cooperative for CSA farms across the UK, it was born in 2013 out of a desire from CSA farms to have representation from grassroots workers right up to government level. The CSA Network mentors new and emerging CSAs and hosts events, seminars and networking opportunities both regionally and nationally. 

They also produce and share resources to support CSA farmers and influence policy makers.

Edinburgh Living Landscape
TheCity of Edinburgh Council and Scottish Wildlife Trust have developed a Nature Network tool to provide a strategic approach to prioritise environmental enhancements and nature-based solutions to tackle the threats of climate change and biodiversity loss which the city faces. Lauriston Farm is a key partner in this work having a large area of land with the potential to enhance wildlife and to capture carbon.


Volunteer Health and Wellbeing
We are open to discussing research opportunities – if you would like to do research work at the farm or have an idea for collaborative research please get in touch.

Current Research happening at the farm

Market Garden Volunteer Health and Wellbeing
Together with Heather Davies, a Masters student from QMU’s Gastronomy course, we are undertaking research to look at the impacts of volunteering in the market garden and accessing food grown here. Results from the research will be available in late 2023.