Skylark Field

The middle field, marked as ‘Skylark Field’ on the maps at the farm, has a fence around it, along with the north field. These fields are vital for wildlife, especially our endangered coastal birds. Together, they make our ‘wildlife protection zone’. Click here to read about our wildlife and biodiversity work. This is why we ask visitors to stay out of these fields, especially with dogs.

There is not much to see in the Skylark Field at the moment, but we will be doing much more with it in future. Our long-term plan is to plant more agroforestry alleys (long strips of trees) with grains growing in between. These will still support wildlife as well as providing crops for us.

We are considering using pasture grazing to help manage the grassland in this field, as well as the north field. We will update this page as things develop.

At the moment, there are no farm animals at the farm, but there is lots of resident wildlife. Please ensure you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times, and keep dogs under close control.

  • A graphic of a person running and waving their arms, as their off-lead dog chases and disturbs nesting birds. The text reads: Do not allow your dog to approach animals or people uninvited. Don't linger if wildlife is disturbed by your presence. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code logo is bottom left, with the website address