Market Garden

The Market Garden began growing vegetables, salads, fruit, flowers and herbs in April 2022. We aim to produce as wide a variety of crops as possible, growing open-pollinated, heritage varieties that are best adapted to our climate and taste the most delicious!

We grow using chemical free, regenerative and no-dig farming practices. These are designed to build topsoil and support soil health by minimising exposed soil and soil disturbance, increasing fertility and biodiversity.

As the farm develops, we will work with other land based enterprises helping to build a resilient local food economy and will offer opportunities for land based livelihoods for people with limited access to land.

What We're Growing


We will be selling our produce locally through markets and community networks and our Community Supported Agriculture Veg Box scheme will be launched in Summer 2023. More information here.

We are working towards building a model for equitable access to our produce and have discounted and solidarity pricing for our vegbox shares.

If you have questions about buying our produce/vegboxes please contact

As we expand our food production we aim to work with agencies and groups in the local area to ensure our produce is reaching all local communities.