Farm News  |   February 12, 2024

Active Travel Routes Survey

Could the farm be part of an active travel route for you…

The farm landscape with a blue/purple colour wash over it, and superimposed, a graphic of a map with a dashed line path and a 'pin' symbolising a route

Could Lauriston Farm become part of an active travel route for you? (allowing you to walk, wheel or cycle to where you’re going, or linking you to a suitable bus route)

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If there is community interest, we can apply for funding from Paths For All to create solid, accessible paths across the farm, connecting with onward travel routes, allowing you to cut through the farm without getting muddy…

School pupils could go up the west side of the farm on a safe path parallel to Cramond Road South, instead of on the narrow pavement. Cramond residents could cut through the farm to go to the Toby Carvery for a meal, or to get to Cycle Route 1, or to the Lothian Bus routes at Silverknowes Parkway. Silverknowes and Muirhouse residents could cut through the farm to get to Cramond.

Maybe you can think of other uses too?

Paths for All work to create safe, accessible routes that take people where they want to go, without needing a car. Lots of people come to walk at the farm at the moment, but the muddy, uneven paths mean it’s not an ideal route for a commute, school journey, or visit to your house-proud relative with cream carpets! We could change this! But we need to know if you’d use it…

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