Farm News  |   October 7, 2022

Earthworms! Two Workshops with FarmED

Learn about earthworms and help us monitor the populations on the farm…

Ever wondered what the earthworms in the soil and compost are actually doing? Or if they can tell us anything about the soil they inhabit? Join us to find out…

Earthworms: Day One

Wednesday 19 October 10am-1pm

In this half-day introductory event, you will learn about earthworm ecology, how the way we treat the soil affects them, and how they are linked to the agroecological food system. We cover earthworm biology, behaviour and ecology, which will provide you with a strong foundation of earthworm science. You will then learn how to identify earthworm species and recognise the traces they leave behind in the field. We will then head out to explore earthworm populations and diversity on the farm.

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Earthworms: Day two

Thursday 20 October 10am-1pm

Following on from Day 1, this half-day event will focus on measuring earthworm abundance and identifying different species around Lauriston Farm. We will start the day with a recap. We will then split up into groups to measure populations in different areas in the farm, to help us understand the impact of farm activities on earthworm populations. The data collected on this day will contribute to national earthworm databases.

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Join us for both days if you can. Beginners welcome – no previous knowledge needed. Come meet our earthworms!

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