Farm News  |   December 17, 2021

Public Access areas at Lauriston Farm

Public access areas (35 acres) at the farm explained…

As any recent visitors to Lauriston Farm will know, the work on the fences has been progressing rapidly. We are really excited to be getting the fenced areas ready for food-growing to start in the spring and to begin work on wildlife habitat enhancement.

This map show you the areas that remain open for public access, it comprises 35 acres of open space.

There have been questions about whether dogs have to be on leashes even after the fencing work finishes. This is not the case, dog owners are welcome to let their pets run around the open spaces.

However, we are seeing a growing problem of dog waste being abandoned on site. The fencing contractors have probably found the abundance of this the most distressing part of their work. We have been picking it up when we have the time and equipment, but that should not be our job. All dog-owners are responsible for taking away their waste.

We are working on having waste disposal bins on site, but this will take a wee bit longer. We want everyone to enjoy the site. There will be volunteers of all ages using the site and outdoor education sessions with children. Dog waste is a toxic hazard particularly for children.

We would really appreciate all effort in keeping the site free of dog waste.

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