Farm News  |   April 30, 2024

A Look Back at Compost and Castings, and W.O.R.M.S Appreciation Day

Our series of creative and practical workshops to explore the reciprocal relationships between people and the life in the soil…

People in party hats stitching decoration onto sacking

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate worms and composting at W.O.R.M.S Appreciation Day on 13th April. It was a really fun afternoon, which brought together all the brilliant work from the Compost and Castings workshop series, with extra special details added by programme coordinator Emma Brierley. Even the wheelbarrows got elevated to art by their magic touch, and the wild weather cleared so we could add the worms and the bedding and food to the new ‘continuous flow vermiculture compost system’ with a ceremonious flourish.

Smiling children standing on steps looking into a high-sided compost bed


From now on, we will feed the worms with scraps and unusable crops, their castings will feed nutrients into the soil, which will grow more nutritious vegetables to feed the human community.

This is an example of the way we depend on the species living in the soil, and they depend on us – a multi-species, reciprocal relationship that shapes our past, present and future. At W.O.R.M.S Appreciation Day, people of all ages loved seeing and celebrating the worms, and exploring this relationship through poetry, art, and hands-on action.

Compost and Castings has been a great first collaboration with Rhyze Mushrooms on repurposing ‘waste’ across the farm, and with Scotland’s Plant Health Centre, who are working with us to develop plant health and biosecurity resources for the community.

Next in the plant health series, we will look at everyday biosecurity for home growers and anyone with an allotment or community garden – save the date of Saturday 15th June if you are interested in this (details to follow in the next newsletter).

Photo Credit: Lauren of Rhyze Mushrooms (+ participants photos)


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