Farm News  |   March 4, 2024

Compost and Castings: Exploring Reciprocity for Future Ecologies

Join us this March and April for workshops leading up to a big Worm Appreciation Day – because Worms Obviously Require Motivation Seasonally …

On a purple background, black outline hand-drawn worms make a circle around the words: Compost and Castings. Around them on the outside edge are the words: Exploring Reciprocity for Future Ecologies. The Lauriston Agroecology Farm, and the Plant Health Centre logos, are bottom right.

Throughout March and April, will are offering you a series of practical, creative activities and opportunities to learn about the power of compost and worms. Together, we can explore how we depend on the species living in the soil, and they depend on us – a multi-species, reciprocal relationship that shapes our past, present and future.

The programme includes: Building a Continuous Flow Vermiculture System (Wormery) with Rhyze Mushrooms; Creative Writing Workshop with Courtney Stoddart; Big Cardboard Puppet Making; Pigment and Paper Making with Onion Skins; Bio-Based Ink Making for Screen Printing; and a Worm Appreciation Day (with craft workshops, soup eating and a ceremonial opening of our Vermiculture Compost System) – because Worms Obviously Require Motivation Seasonally!

Workshop places are limited so please book in advance.

Click here to go to the Eventbrite bookings page.

We are asking for pay-what-you-can afford donations for some of the workshops – this means please take a free space if you need one, and please donate along our solidarity contribution guidelines if you can. All details on the Eventbrite page.

Compost and Castings is part of a year long project supported by Plant Health Centre who are working with us to develop plant health and biosecurity resources for the community.

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