Farm News  |   February 28, 2024

Clay Oven Decorating Competition

Style the community kitchen clay oven to make it unique to the farm…

A stylised graphic of a clay oven with smoke rising, with the words: Competition Time!

We are coming into the final phase of the Community Kitchen build, and the Masters students who designed the clay oven are inviting suggestions for decorating it to make it unique to the farm.

Using earth and natural fibres, the oven can be designed in ways to match the feeling of the farm. We want the community to be involved and take part in making this oven our own. Utilise earth, mosaics or anything else creative!

You can see the basic outline shape in the poster, plus inspiration from other clay oven designs – but use the farm as inspiration too! Maybe the allotments, or the trees, or the veg bags, or the curlews, or its history here in north Edinburgh, or …

Please send ideas to by the end of Friday 15th March.

A poster with the title 'Competition Time' and the words: Lauriston Farm is getting a traditional clay oven and it needs some decorating to bring it to life! There is large basic outline of a clay oven shape - the base, topped with a domed oven with open front, and a shelf area to the side - plus three photos and three line drawings showing clay ovens decorated with mosaic tiles or raised earthen shapes, some painted bright natural colours. The rest of the text is repeated in the post.

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